Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – Star Catcher [TEST PHASE]

Star Catcher is a new Dice-World exclusive event!Every Dice World level contains stars. Stars are placed on categories. Scoring in the category will collect the stars. Winning the level earns you all the stars that you collected in the level.Collect stars to get rewards! You can see the next reward in the Dice World lobby. Click on the Star Catcher icon to learn more and find out what rewards are waiting down the line. The higher the milestone, the better the rewards.You will also find that harder levels have more stars in them. Dice World RaceThe race has the most stars. Get to the race to complete more milestones!Star BoosterYou can progress faster by using the star booster before entering a Dice World level! The star booster will place more stars in the level for you to collect.


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