Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide – What are Pages?

What are Pages?

Pages are a type of collectible item that players can exchange for rewards in game.

Pages can be converted into Notebooks, or even used to bring back Special Adventures you may have missed completing.

These resurfaced Special Adventures follow the existing rules to determine Special Adventure priority (so if you have one already active, please wait until you’ve completed it to start one up using Event Pages). How do I get Pages?

Pages can be earned by completing lessons, earning rewards, won from events, can be found in bundles and can even be located around Hogwarts itself just laying around! How do I use Pages to unlock unfinished Special Adventures?You can use your Pages to unlock unfinished or missed Special Adventures through the Memory Book.You can view unlockable Special Adventures from the New Adventures tab in the Memory Book.You may attempt any Special Adventure that you qualify for and haven’t finished as many times as you like, however please note that certain Special Adventures may have a cool down timer that must run down before they may be attempted again.

 Completed Special Adventures will not appear here.If you wish to play a Special Adventure you must pay the associated cost each time you attempt it.Special Adventure Page CostsYear 1/Year 2 Special Adventure 300Year 3 Special Adventure 300Year 4 Special Adventure 400Year 5 Special Adventure 400Year 6 Special Adventure 500Year 7 Special Adventure 500Seasonal Special Adventure 250Exchange Pages For NotebooksPlayers can exchange pages for the following Notebooks:1 Brown Notebook: 10 Pages1 Red Notebook: 10 Pages1 Blue Notebook: 20 Pages1 Gold Notebook: 30 Pages


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