Ottoman Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Ottoman Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

The original commander: Osman ICivilization Bonus: Realm of the King, increase archer health by 5%, the troop marching speed is increased by 5%, and the commander’s active skill damage is increased by 5%.Featured Unit: JanissaryCivilization analysis:

A relatively unpopular civilization at present.

As we all know, the defense and life of archers have always been flawed. Not to mention the 5% bonus, even 10% can’t compare with the 5% bonus in attack. The most important role is to make your battle damage look better, reduce the number of deaths and injuries, and reduce the pressure for the hospital.

A 5% increase in troop marching speed should be the biggest advantage, but it is mainly reflected in the battles between various alliances in the middle and late stages, which is conducive to supporting others.

The commander’s active skill damage increased by 5%. This is indeed a good skill, but the premise is that you are the one who assembled the army, and although the practical effect is good, the Arab civilization has the same genus to replace it.

In general, it is not practical