Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategies and tips for siege and defense

Siege skills:

1. When attacking the city, the ranks of the units put into the assembled team should be as consistent as possible. Assuming that there are 4th-level soldiers, then only 4th-level soldiers will be placed. Because the low-level soldiers will increase the damage suffered by the whole team.2. Please be sure to send a small number of troops to escort the assembly team. On the one hand, it helps the assembly team to repel the enemy’s disintegrated team, so as to avoid the assembly team from being flanked. On the other hand, it can replenish troops in the assembly team.3. To burn the opponent’s flag, our territory must be connected to the opponent’s territory, and only connected flags can be burned. So when building a flag, you can build it in a direction that can cut off the opponent’s territory.4. When you are currently assembling the A flag, please send a small force to surround the next flag to be burned to prevent them from retreating from the A flag to the B flag or reinforce the B flag, and so on5. For some active people, try to rally him. The mission is successful when he opens his shield or flies away. It can be defeated one by one, and then there are not many people guarding the flag.

Defending skills:

1. First of all, you must choose the current garrison commander of the city/building, the result will be very different.2. When the city is under siege, if there are enough garrison troops, you can send a small unit to meet the team that is under siege,3. Switch your troops between waves of offensives. Suppose you are guarding the flag, and the first wave assembles and injures the 100,000 soldiers you placed in the flag (you originally had 200,000), then use them in another wave In the interval before the rally, change a team of full soldiers and go into a garrison.4. When the flag is burned, move the city to the side of the flag, and then open the shield (although the shield can not attack others, but can reinforce other people’s cities or buildings). Shuttle between the cities of allies and are not afraid to go Was intercepted by the enemy on the way to reinforce others5. If there is a distance between the opponent’s assembly and the target, try to gather his assembly after the enemy’s assembly has come out. (The reason is that the main and deputy general of the enemy assembly must be the siege commander and lead the attack City talent, not strong field ability)