Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – Tournaments: New Season, New Rewards! Fall Season

We would like to answer some common questions we’ve been asked about Tournament Seasons since the launch of the Fall Season.How do the VIP Passes work? Depending on what league you reached in the previous season, you will have earned a VIP Pass that determines the rewards you can earn in the current season. The VIP passes are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. If you reached the Picnic league, you earned the Silver VIP passIf you reached the Sand Castle league, you earned the Gold VIP passIf you reached the Tiki league, you earned the Platinum VIP passAnd if you promoted from the Tiki league, you earned the Diamond VIP passWhat happens when a new season starts? With each new season you will get updated rewards depending on how far you made it in the previous season (determined by whether you earned a VIP Pass or not). You start at the first league and compete with others each week to work your way up the leagues and earn better Jackpot Drop rewards machines for this season and better overall rewards for next season. What happens when I promote leagues?With each league promotion, you will see improvements in your Jackpot Drop Ball and Jackpot Drop rewards. The higher the leagues you reach, the better the overall rewards are. You will also earn a promotion reward and finally, you will also be competing to earn VIP passes for next season!


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