Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide – How do I play the Chocolate Frogs Event?

What is the Chocolate Frogs Event?The Chocolate Frogs Event features a collection of cards players can earn from Chocolate Frogs that can be found throughout the game. The event has multiple Event Collections to complete, each of which has Mini Collections. Players will complete a mini collection of multiple cards to earn rewards! Completing all Mini Collections in an Event Collection will unlock the next set of cards to earn!What is a Collection?An Event Collection consists of mini collections. Mini Collections can contain up to 1-5 cards to collect, and when you finish a mini collection, you will get a reward. Finish all the Mini Collections in an Event Collection to unlock the next one.How do I get the Grand Prize?You can earn the grand prize by completing all the event collections!How do I get Chocolate Frogs?You can earn Chocolate Frogs in the following ways:- Earn 5 Stars from any lesson, study session, or story task- Studying with Friends- Special Adventures- Completing Friendship Levels- From Stamp Cards- From EventsYou can also purchase Chocolate Frogs at the Chocolate Frogs Event screen!- 3 Chocolate Frogs for 3250 Coins- 5 Chocolate Frogs for 150 PagesWhat happens when I get extra copies of a Card?Extra cards will convert into rewards! When you get an extra card, you will increase your Extra Card Converter meter. Once the meter is full you will earn a reward! When you have completed all the collections in the event the Extra Card Converter will no longer function, and you will simply receive +3 Energy for any additional duplicate Chocolate Frog cards you pull from then on.Are you only supposed to get the Cards relating to the witches/wizards of the Card set you’re currently working on?You can receive any card that is active in the game, even if it’s not in the current set you’re working on. Cards relative to the season will generally give you the most progress towards the event.


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