Version 35 Release Notes & Status – Puzzle Combat Game guide


17th of August 2021: We have now begun rolling out the V35 update on Android and hope to begin the rollout on iOS shortly.

Release notes

  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Unlocked at Experience Level 14
    • Contains three Special Level Properties with Hero and Weapon rarity limits that change every week
    • Increase your score by winning Tournament Attacks and being victorious in Defense
  • Special skill animation performance optimization
  • Alliance private message templates
  • Zombie Event level balance adjustments:
    • Enemy respawn chance is now incremental
      • Respawn chance starts low and increases as you progress
      • Bosses have higher respawn chance which is also incremental
    • Petrol Bomb spawn rates decreased
    • Petrol Bomb charge amount increased
    • Purifying Blast damage lowered
    • Common Enemy stats changed
    • Level Balance adjustments based on the changes above
  • Food and Iron bundles added to upcoming Path of Valor rewards
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements


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