Last Day on Earth: Survival – Season 16: Commune and reputation system

A new landmark appeared on your map (if not, then try visiting other locations first) – the mysterious “Commune”. Why do its inhabitants look somewhat… creepy? What are these strange inscriptions on their houses? What are they worshiping there, a deer? Do you dare get answers?Let’s start with something familiar. ‘Cause we don’t want to drown in this abyss of uncertainty right from the get go, do we? If you’ve taken part in previous seasons, you’ll feel at home with this one. Another strange survivor will appear in the commune every next week. You raise your reputation level – you get access to story missions. You can always check your progress on the “Family” tab:Reputation can be improved in a variety of ways. In the center of the commune, next to a huge smoldering fire, you’ll see Carrie. She’ll be offering up to three secondary tasks from time to time.Right for the same tasks (as well as for special deliveries at the port), you’ll receive Premium points.As if this were not enough, you’ll notice something resembling altars (nearby with strangers whose trust you need to win). During these trials, you’ll be asked to fight off waves of enemies three times in a row. Each time, the reward will increase. But so does the difficulty. To participate in the battles you’ll require “offerings”. These items are easy to get hold of by killing zombies.And, finally, you can give some rare finds directly to the residents of the commune. Something like that just cannot fail to gain trust, you know.Suitable items can be obtained at a new location, in the “Maze”. Unless, of course, you’re not afraid of getting lost forever among its walls… If it does sound frightening, the suitcases with a reputation can always be bought in the game store.In any case, you definitely won’t be bored for the next three weeks! Good luck!

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