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Shinryuu Mechanics[Shoden difficulty only]: When a character’s attack hits a Ruin Guard’s exposed weak spot, the Ruin Guard will be immediately paralyzed.When carrying an Electrogranum, characters will trigger the Rigid Body Collision effect when attacking opponents with less than 30%HP, dealing Rigid Body Collision can be triggered once every 8s.Each time Rigid Body Collision is triggered, this causes the Max HP threshold at which the Rigid Body Collision can be activated to increase by 10% for this challenge, up to a maximum of 50%.Monster Type

Shoden Difficulty: One Ruin Guard is refreshed after the start, and two Ruin Guards are refreshed after defeat.

Okuden Difficulty: One new Ruin Guard at the start, one new Ruin Guard and one new Ruin Grader after defeat.

Passing ConditionsLimits.Defeat 5 opponent(s) within 180 second(s)No character deaths during the challengeOkuden.Defeat 5 opponent(s) within 150 second(s)No character deaths during the challengeLevel AnalysisThis level is a little different from the previous levels, as there will only be up to 2 Ruin Guard and only one Ruin Grader in Okuden at a time, so we just need to make up for the damage we did to finish the kill.

The Shinryuu Mechanics can help you speed up the level and do considerable damage, which can help lower level travelers finish the level more easily. At the time of the trigger there will be a large sword straight into the enemy, causing high single damage.

Team recommendationToday’s team recommendation is only one set, after all, the difference between the limit and Okuden on whether to refresh Ruin Grader above. I would recommend a team with Kamisato Ayaka or Kamisato Ayaka as the core. I recommend Gan Yu first.ConclusionPhantom Flow has reached the fifth day, and today’s level is not difficult, it will not be as difficult as the first few days. Everyone can try to beat Okuden.