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Shinryuu Mechanics

When the challenge begins, a Plasma Field will be created at the outer edges of the arena. When a character or opponents are within the Plasma Field, they will be hit by lightning every 2s, taking Electro DMG.

Characters carrying an Electrogranum will unleash shockwaves when their Charged Attacks hit opponents, launching opponents within the AoE and dealing DMG. 1 shockwave may be unleashed this way every 2s.

Monster Types

Shoden : Initial enemies are 5.

Okuden : Initial enemies are 5.

Level Analysis

For this Shinryuu Mechanics, we will find a lightning barrier in the field after the start, which is Plasma Field. The diameter of the Plasma Field is about half of the field. The characters and monsters outside the field will take high damage, the shield of Zhongli can resist the lightning damage, you can see that outside the Plasma Field, the characters and monsters will take higher damage every 2s.


1, in the Plasma Field range, the use of Kaedehara Kazuha’s skills to gather monsters, Zhong Li’s control, with the output. The method belongs to rely on practice pass, as long as the practice is enough.

2、Use Shinryuu Mechanics to knock the enemy out of Plasma Field, rely on falling lightning damage to defeat the enemy, in this method can be subdivided into 2 kinds, one is to use the Qin, Venti, Kaedehara Kazuha and other characters to keep the enemy in a state of control; the second is to use Mona, Gan Yu , with the role of blood return, the enemy will be lured out of Plasma Field, the time to compete with the amount of treatment.

Team recommendation

This level is recommended with the role of shield, bring Electrogranum, Electrogranum’s heavy attack has increased damage, the enemy is subject to Electro DMG.