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Phantom Flow Event Guide

When carrying an Electrogranum, the Energy Recharge of all characters in the party is increased by 100%., if your god tree level is full, you can provide 25 seconds of super long charge BUFF

The second BUFF is the key point. After releasing the element burst skill within 10 seconds, a maximum of 5 random opponents nearby, dealing AoE Electro DMG.

In other words, if the newcomer wants to beat Okuden, if the damage is not enough, AoE Electro DMG is the biggest source of output.

40 energy element burst CD for 12 seconds

60 energy element burst CD 16 seconds

80 energy element burst CD for 20 seconds

Therefore, it is only recommended to bring 1 character with 80 energy points in this activity

The 40-point energy characters of the large-scale AOE, Keqing, Diluc, Zhongli, Albedo, Ningguang, Zhongyun, etc. are recommended for the first challenge of this event, because the invincibility time is long enough and the CD is short.

The 60 energy characters recommended are Gan Yu, Mona, Wendy, Venti, Fischer, Bennett, Rosalia and other AOE damage-based ones, which became the second choice, but pay attention to the four-star role. Recruitment time is short

For 80-energy characters, it is not recommended for characters to stay on the field or play bursts. The 20-second CD makes it difficult to trigger the second BUFF of the event, because the damage of the monster is very high, and you are likely to be killed soon.