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Treatment aid

Qiqi: Upgrading to T1

Barbara raised to T1.5

In this issue, the 12th floor of the Abyss has very low requirements for charging, so Diona’s priority has been lowered, and the increase in monster damage has increased the importance of Qiqi and Barbara.

Output auxiliary

Xingqiu: up to T0

Venti: down to T1

Remove output support roles that are not practical

Vice output

Newly added: Kamisato AyakaT0.5

Kaedehara Kazuha& Sucrose: down to T2


GanYu /Tartaglia/Kamisato AyakaThese three characters have different performances in different lineups.

Tartagliais very dependent on the double-Pyrolineup configuration, under the lineup of Kaedehara Kazuhadouble-Pyro, the upper limit of the son can be fully utilized. On the contrary, if the evaporation lineup of the double Pyrocannot be formed, then only the level of T1 is available.

The two Cryocharacters, Kamisato Ayakaand Gan Yu, have two different lineups: freezing and melting. The upper limit of melting is higher, while freezing tends to stabilize. And there is no lineup conflict when the first team freezes and the other team melts, and the practicability is excellent.

Hutao’s ability to damage single monsters is temporarily unmatched. With Xingqiu’s evaporation combination, it can have a very good performance in the lower half of 12-2, but the abyss buff does not greatly improve Hutao. And his performance at 12-1 was relatively ordinary.

Xiao’s ability to output to the group is still well displayed, but without the benefits of Kaedehara Kazuha, it can’t be separated from other characters.

It can be said that Eulahas returned to the first echelon this time. The 12-layer charging buff solves the charging problem, allowing Ula to play the explosive output it should have. Although the resistance of the 12-3 little treasure is slightly higher, the resistance of the next three mobs are all 10%, and they naturally gather together. It is still easier to use Ulaman Star.

Ningguang returned to T2. This time the monster attribute shield was reduced, and these two rock characters also climbed up from T3.