Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – Officer Traits

Our Researchers were looking for a way to make Away Teams Assignments more enjoyable and rewarding for all Commanders. After months of research, we are happy to introduce to you the Officer Traits!Some of our Officers have a specific number of Traits depending on their rarity:

  • Common > 0 traits
  • Uncommon > 1 trait
  • Rare > 2 traits
  • Epic > 3 traits

Unlocking Traits

  • Officer Traits are unlocked by using Trait XP
  • Traits may also have specific Officer level requirements
  • When Officers have multiple Traits available (e.g. Epics) we will need to max out the first trait in order to be able to unlock the second one and so on
    • Tier 1 Traits – Max out at level 3
    • Tier 2 Traits – Max out at level 4
    • Tier 3 Traits – Max out at level 9

Upgrading TraitsTrait XP is a resource that is earned by performing Away Teams Assignments and it’s used in the progression of the Officer Traits.Who is the best fit?Our Researchers added one more feature so we can easily spot the best fit for each assignment! In each Officer’s place-card, we see 1-4 dots. When they are highlighted it means that this Officer has one or multiple traits that the assignment needs. The dots correlate in order to the 4 slots under Critical Traits! Remember, these Traits affect the chance of Critical success in our assignments.For more info on Away Teams:


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