Star Trek™ Fleet Command Guide – PC launch

Commanders,The Star Trek Fleet Command team is happy to announce that the game is now accessible via PC!In order to get access, all you have to do is follow these steps:1. Save your account with Scopely ID (via mobile or tablet)2. Tap on this link and select the PC game3. The game will automatically download4. Run the app and select to join with Scopely ID5. Enter the correct credentials from the previously created Scopely ID (step 1)6. Your game will automatically loadFirst time joining this vast universe? Follow these steps to play through pc:1. Tap on this link and select the PC game2. The game will automatically download and will require to be installed3. Enter without using a Scopely ID and finish the tutorial4. Save your game with Scopely ID from Settings > General5. Your game is saved and can be accessed cross-platform using the Scopely ID credentialsLet’s boldly go where no man has gone before!


Star Trek™ Fleet Command GAME GUIDE