Hay Day – Pets | Hay Day – English

Pets are Farm Animals, unlocked at different Farm Levels, that can be purchased in the Shop using Vouchers or Chick Vouchers. Chick Vouchers can be obtained from the Farm Pass, from both the free and paid Pass Road. Before you get your first Pets, make sure you have their Pet House ready!

You can have a total of 56 adorable Pets on your Farm:

2 Dog Houses/ 6 Dogs2 Cat Houses/ 6 Cats2 Puppy Houses/ 6 Puppies2 Kitten Houses/ 6 Kittens2 Bunny Houses/ 6 Bunnies2 Donkey Stables/ 6 Donkeys4 Horse Stables/12 Horses2 Guinea Pig Houses/ 6 Guinea Pigs1 Birdhouse/ 2 Peacocks

Feeding the pets

To feed a pet, just fill the bowl next to the Pet House with Bacon, Milk or Carrots depending on the pet. You can fill the bowls whenever you prefer, but pets will only eat when they are hungry!

After feeding them, you can use the whistle to collect the rewards (Experience and supplies)! The whistle can also be used to call all your pets back to their houses.

Name your pets

You can name your pets! To customize your pet’s name, simply tap on a pet and click the ‘pencil’ icon. When other players visit your Farm, they can see your pet’s name tapping on it.

My pets escaped!

The animals on your Farm have their own will, especially those cute pets trying to escape and run around your Farm exploring! To make sure your pets stay within an enclosed area, simply drag the Pet House within that area. That will give them peace of mind and stop them from trampling all over your crops!