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Playe Store错误码

Google Play Store Error DF-BPA-09 _Error Processing Purchase_ Problem

This error happens quite often when trying to download an app. This problem won_t go away if you simply try downloading again, so you_ll need to go into the settings. This problem is not due to individual users, but to Google Play itself.

We_re hoping it will be fixed in the near future, but in the meantime, here is what you can do:

Go into the Settings on your device

Tap on Apps or Applications Manager (the name varies depending on your device). Swipe to the All column.

Scroll down until you see Google Services Framework.

Choose Clear data and then OK.

If this doesn_t work, log in to the Google Play site on your PC and install the app that is giving you issues on your smartphone or tablet from there. When you go back to your device, the install should work.


Google Play Store Error Code 194 Problem

Error caused when trying to download games or apps from the Google Play Store. Solution One fix for this issue is to clear the cache data for Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager Scroll across to All and then down to the Google Play Store app.

Open the app details and tap the Force Stop button. Next tap on the Clear Data button. Now repeat the process above but replace Google Play Store with Google Play Services at step two and then attempt your download again.

If this process still doesn_t fix the problem, a solution is on the way. The underlying issue has been resolved and a fix is being rolled out in the next version of the Play Store app. Make sure you have the latest Google Play Store APK and you shouldn_t experience this error again. For the best Google Play experience, make sure you have the latest version installed.


Google Play Store Error Code 495 Problem

Problem occurs when downloading or updating apps from Play Store. Solution Delete your Google Play Store data by going to Settings – Apps – All – Google Play Store – Clear Data. Delete data from Google Services Framework as well (note: this will assign a new Google ID to your device, as if you had factory reset it, meaning your Google apps may temporarily act up afterward). Delete your Google account on the device, reboot your phone and re-add your Google account in Settings – Accounts – Add Account – Google Account.

Read more answers: %20Apps%20or%20Application%20Manager%20Scroll%20across%20to%20All%20and%20then%20down%20to%20the%20Google%20Play%20Store%20app.%20%20Open%20the%20app%20details%20and%20tap%20the%20Force%20Stop%20button.%20Next%20tap%20on%20the%20Clear%20Data%20button.%20Now%20repeat%20the%20process%20above%20but%20replace%20Google%20Play%20Store%20with%20Google%20Play%20Services%20at%20step%20two%20and%20then%20attempt%20your%20download%20again.%20%20If%20this%20process%20still%20doesnt%20fix%20the%20problem,%20a%20solution%20is%20on%20the%20way.%20The%20underlying%20issue%20has%20been%20resolved%20and%20a%20fix%20is%20being%20rolled%20out%20in%20the%20next%20version%20of%20the%20Play%20Store%20app.%20Make%20sure%20you%20have%20the%20latest%20Google%20Play%20Store%20APK%20and%20you%20shouldnt%20experience%20this%20error%20again.%20For%20the%20best%20Google%20Play%20experience,%20make%20sure%20you%20have%20the%20latest%20version%20installed.%20%20%20%20%20Google%20Play%20Store%20Error%20Code%20495%20Problem%20%20Problem%20occurs%20when%20downloading%20or%20updating%20apps%20from%20Play%20Store.%20Solution%20Delete%20your%20Google%20Play%20Store%20data%20by%20going%20to%20Settings%20-%20Apps%20-%20All%20-%20Google%20Play%20Store%20-%20Clear%20Data.%20Delete%20data%20from%20Google%20Services%20Framework%20as%20well%20%28note:%20this%20will%20assign%20a%20new%20Google%20ID%20to%20your%20device,%20as%20if%20you%20had%20factory%20reset%20it,%20meaning%20your%20Google%20apps%20may%20temporarily%20act%20up%20afterward%29.%20Delete%20your%20Google%20account%20on%20the%20device,%20reboot%20your%20phone%20and%20re-add%20your%20Google%20account%20in%20Settings%20-%20Accounts%20-%20Add%20Account%20-%20Google%20Account.%20%20Read%20more%20answers:%20” rel=”_nofollow_” target=”__blank_”>