Brutal Age Novice Raiders

The novice moving clothes, that mail do not go to the collar are not points, do not delete you more than a dozen in the collar or can move to other areas. In fact, this game is the most direct way is the base camp, do not worry about those springs, but also do not control the hospital, warehouse, as long as the point of this, see the need to upgrade the conditions of the camp, the owner of the camp, And then most of them are the portal and barracks, research more, mainly the other only to see the conditions on the line, the combat power will be twice as fast as ordinary people. (I used to make a small mistake, the 8 other small pieces of water, the hospital warehouse watch the tower are followed by 8 or uncomfortable) is actually a loss. 3 study: When it comes to mistakes, I can take the detours, this article is absolutely helpful to you, mail, architecture, said play. Talk about it, before I study and development to go, in fact, wrong, personal recommendations (the development of the most research to the troops consumption, after all, I always feel my house soldiers wood stone will eat, haha ​​hiccup. No point of the whole study of the fighting, do not control the following two, the main battle is the sooner the T3T4 to dominate half of the server.

Rune: the speed of research involves the runes, it is also very important, but love to engage in the Union will be diligent. Before going to war for war (runes) go back to farming words in exchange for development (runes), (by reducing the speed of training speed anyway is good for development) I have been developing. Peace of mind people who bully their own support for the Union do not like to engage in things do not make life difficult. Ok i explain it with experience. There is a grab totem, no way all for the war rune, and then knock the attack plus medicine. Came back just after a conditional study of the T3 Warriors, the results of a study. ,. The The Lying slot forget to change the rune, five days, 5d ah big brother and sister! So whether you are krypton or farming. Development time for millions of development runes. Can save a lot of time. 5. talent: a few points. The Sorry I do not know, after all, the highest combat power in 115 districts did not cap, but the development of millions of full point is absolutely right, rune talent is not like research. Some people certainly contradictory research is fighting, talent Rune full development This is why? Why did not follow it. Ha ha ha ha hiccup. Talent that I do not say the research and construction of the full point of the other casually point, (anyway, there is a talent in the end to worry about what?) High level can be changed back. Up to the same time also upgrade the development of talent. Can reduce a lot of time is equivalent to save money.

6 people: some people do not know why the soldiers will die, why other injuries? I do not like to beat people anyway, I now know a few points, soldiers die fast, that is your camp in someone else, such as around the green, you are a blue, in this and the forces are almost the case of blue is Dead, and green are into the hospital, the other time, unless the combat effectiveness of t4 hit t2 and the like, most of them are defensive advantage. I am afraid of who ~ 7 League: novice six can point their own avatar to see the league fighting in the tribal channel to find a big brother by a rely on. Do not be black, everywhere is the blood of the general lesson. This game foreigners are friendly and bad are there to see it, into this game is like choosing a life, each base of the experience can write a story.

8. Li Bao: This I played with my experience in six districts, each district activities, packs, are not the same. And the beginning of the package is generally the best is to accelerate all the best. Behind you will find that accelerating less and less, unless six hundred. There is my own krypton has more than eight hundred, and a hero-level weapons it also found that you spend more money, packs have become different, anyway, I and other allies in the group even the activities are not the same task, Tong Li Li Bao will change. In the case of less and less accelerated as long as the resources of more than forty thousand diamonds is also no loss. 9 personal recommendations: in this hope that the official game update trap loopholes like, do not keep changing the interface. Multi-mode mess, who remember cool run. Who remember the CF good game, are more and more lively, in fact, the beginning of the attractive, that is the best. (Saying that now the main interface of the heroes of the update I do not know how to play!) Black Platinum direct uninstall. There are ah small recommendations, the official have to make money, the invention of the game is to eat. But I think it’s going to be steady. Do not like a cf now eat a fat man, what are cheap, do not go long. Or three years ago, the hottest game, is still the hottest online games, I hope the official not their own private, or please refuse agents, too many games are greedy regret.