How heroes match?Lords Mobile Guide

How about Lords Mobile? I believe there are a lot of players do not understand, Lords Mobile heroes with Raiders how heroes, interested little partners do not miss oh ~

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The fraudster is a role for the economy and resources. How to say? From his Legion skills to see down, and “shrink” have a great relationship. R & D speed, increase the upper limit of action, action to restore speed, research and development speed Needless to say, in order to develop a more powerful economy, urban defense, military, monster hunting, need to develop. This game pay attention to efficiency, if you can more effectively use the time, will be more effective, so to enhance the speed of research and development is absolutely necessary! In addition to the talent can increase the speed, the hero can, and as long as the acquisition and help him rose to the second order But when you are stretched, I think it is not without the help of small, or you are willing to cultivate this hero, the risk of the heart left him to brush debris upgrade medal, so that Can shorten the time and a substantial increase.

Forgite people

When your castle on the nine, is ready to develop new military time, this period is the most lack of money! And the soul of the soul can greatly enhance the production of gold coins. Not only new services need to spend a lot of money, come to this stage, research and development of things need a lot of money. The more the early collection of this hero, the more abundant the time to accumulate resources until the day to develop new services, it will not be reached when all the conditions, only the lack of gold coins fail to meet the standard.

these plus one plus one million can not afford to run away, this does not include the city to prevent the use of thorns, arrows, rolling wood developed out of money. R & D of a service, about 1.5 days (except for stone), the territory of the output if you can not produce about 10 million in a day, it is difficult to link to research and development, unlock the military time will be delayed, in case of hard Save this time, unfortunately encountered an enemy attack, it can only say that all fall short, but also to save money. Forging the soul can effectively improve production capacity, coupled with equipment, upgrade the manor, the collection of relics, I believe that soon will be able to conspire to upgrade the money of the military.

In front of the two heroes, is extremely strongly recommended to the novice to collect, the castle built to nine, but also enough to finish the second chapter of the elite there is no reason to brush the debris, but it takes time. Here the next few, no two in front of such an urgent need, but I think there is a great help to their own. After all, all construction, research and development will be spent on the resources, and in front of the second-order military unlock, and then to face is the problem of soldiers, the total will not be developed, the results do not build soldiers? Second-class services, each resource consumption Very big!