My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary Game Guide

My Oasis is basically an AbyssRium clone right down to the low poly aesthetic. But hey, it still looks good and (so far) plays well. If you’ve played AbyssRium (especially with the help of my guide!) you know how all this goes for the most part.

This guide’s still a work in progress as I play myself. Questions are always welcome in the Comments of course!

Tap stuff, upgrade stuff, relax. Nothing much can go wrong in My Oasis, but there’s still ideal ways to play it. A major change from AbyssRium is My Oasis has a reset/prestige system.

I’m still exploring all the best methods, but an important general tip is there’s not many wrong ways to play these games; if you can buy it, especially with Hearts, it’s rarely a bad investment, and you’ll get those Hearts back in no time. Just tap, upgrade and enjoy at the start. Strategy and so on comes in later.

My Oasis is focused largely around the idea of “prestiging” or resetting the game to lose temporary progress in favor of “permanent progress” that makes future games faster, it’s a fairly popular way of designing Idle/Clicker games on mobile. This means you’ll often feel like you’re hitting a brick wall but probably just need to reset. The Oasis is randomly generated so you’ll have something new to look at every reset, so it’s not so bad.

Resetting earns Remembrance Shards (puzzle pieces) which you’ll spend on Treasures. Any treasure you buy will also permanently upgrade your Hearts earning rate, so there aren’t really any extremely poor choices. When in doubt pick what sounds best and read the Treasures section below for suggestions.

Cloud Saves

Cloud saves appear to be manual and likely only save per-platform. Manually use the Cloud Save option in the Gear menu before deleting My Oasis.

Attendance system

You get 20 gems daily for logging in online, and can double your reward by watching an ad, of course. You may have to close the app and reopen for the calendar icon to show up on a new day.

Treasure Chest

Another feature ripped straight from AbyssRium, a treasure chest dumps in the middle of the Island every once in a while. You can watch an ad to open it.

Possible rewards: Hearts, 20 gems

Voices of Nature

The animals will sometimes have an ellipsis (…) over their head. Tapping them will give you a large-ish amount of Hearts and some uplifting words.

Weather effects/Notes

Play notes in the proper order to change the weather or time of day. Tap the Weather icon in the top right to see what Chords or weather effects are available. Notes are played at the bottom of the screen, and more notes are unlocked as you progress through My Oasis.

Weather appears to be cosmetic, but it may affect what variety of life/biomes appear on your Oasis. This needs more research.

You unlock new Notes at 50, 150,250, 350, and 450 Oasis levels. They’re permanently unlocked once you get each note for the first time.

Sometimes you will be prompted to repeat songs to get extra Hearts. Tap the music icon then repeat the song. It doesn’t seem that super worth it, so if you’re tone deaf it’s not a big deal. You can also watch an ad in the Bonus tab to have it just show you the notes.

Songs List

Time and Weather can be set independently by playing these songs. Some songs are hidden and only given by the Voices of Nature.