How do I play South Park: Phone Destroyer™?

How do I play South Park: Phone Destroyer™?

When you go to a level or start a PVP battle, you will enter a battlefield.

You start the battle with five cards in your hand.

On the bottom left of your screen, a Battery indicator will display how much Energy you currently have. Energy charges up over time.

Your New kid uses Energy to play cards. Each card has an Energy Cost (the number located on the top left hand corner of the card).

Cards can either be characters that help you attack enemies or defend your New Kid, or devastating spells that will punish your enemies or aid your allies. Simply drag a card from your hand onto the battlefield and watch it come to life!

Whenever you play a card, you immediately draw a new one from your battle deck. If you don’t play cards, you don’t draw new cards. Fallen characters will be drawn back to your hand eventually, so you can use them again and again!

Cards have many different and powerful abilities, so be sure to take a closer look at your collection!