Summary of the number of contracts required for each part of the White Devil

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s new suit White Demon has been launched, how many deeds are required for the white devil’s parts? There are ten parts of the White Demon, and each part needs a different kind of contract book, now Xiaobian Introduce slightly for everyone.

[Hairstyle] Silver Binding: 166 Contract

[Top] Girl Despair: 188 Contract

[Down] Grey Apostle : 188 Contract

[Coat] White Devil: 286 Contract

[Glove] Demon Hand: 168 Contract

[Facial] Virtual Office: 246 Contract Book

[Background] Nightmare Clinic: 198 Contract

[Lookup] Nightmare Preamble: 200 Contract

[Shoes] Devil Doctor: 192 Contract

【Hands-On】 The Sixth Contract: 196 Contracts

There are altogether a total of 2012 contracts. Oh, players are in a tight spot. There is a week of activity. Remember not to miss.

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