PUBG Mobile guide Pull the gun – “PUBG Mobile” has it you really can do whatever you want

PUBG Mobile has a wide range of firearms, gets a handy gun, and has a certain amount of technology to do almost anything in the game, but what a gun is easy to use What? Maybe everyone’s first association will be recognized as an artifact 98K, and 98K is entirely a tumor-like presence for novice gamers. Many people pick up the 98K to think that they can ride the battlefield, but they do not know this. Weapons are completely uncontrollable for new players.


in “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” An artifact! It is the same as the 98K sniper rifle, but the acquisition style is very different, it can only be obtained from the airdrop, rarity determines its superior power, it is the game’s rare sniper Gun ——AWM.

First, let us first To understand this weapon in reality, the AWM sniper rifle not only works reliably at -40°C, but also performs well in hot and humid climates. It can use bullets. 338 Rap-Magnum rifle shells. Some units took a look at the range and volume of the AWM rifle. The AWM was used as a special-purpose sniper rifle. The British was the first unit to use AWM as a sniper rifle. The military code number is L115A1. In 2008, the new L115A was adopted. According to reports, this is the best sniper rifle in the world.

AWM is in reality Has a very powerful performance, but it is also very powerful in the game, it can spike any level of helmet, even if the target has a three-level A, only two can be solved, it can be said that there is no two mages The south bullet can’t solve it. And unlike other weapons, AMW’s ballistics in the game can be quite smooth. For most players, having an AWM is equivalent to winning at the starting line (only one shot is required). The target is non-dead or residual. The attraction is still quite large.

Since there are so many Its advantages, but no one is perfect, the gun is not finished, its shortcomings are also obvious, first of all it has a common problem with sniper rifles, requires a higher standard of shooting to be able to perfectly manage it, and its bullets are. 300 Magnum, only 20 rounds of airdrops, at the same time, the way to get it is also more demanding. When it is used up, it can only be obtained by airdropping or plundering other players. It will not appear in the map of the game, and it is extremely risky to acquire it. !

AWM as One The shortcomings of the firearms that can be obtained through airdrops and with a small number of bullets do not obscure its light. It is the only sniper gun that can kill third-level heads in the distance, and it can be used in the hands of old drivers. The performance is vividly demonstrated, although the recoil is larger, but for a single-shot sniper rifle, this recoil does not require scruples.