PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” Groza assault rifle, the king of the finals!

The firearm system in PUBG Mobile is extremely rich. So far, it is generally believed that Groza is the best rifle in the game, and none! As an airdrop player, Goza has absolutely not lived up to the expectations of any player. Especially when the number of players remaining in the finals is very small, it can become even more of a fear for all enemies. It is too strong, the fire speed is just like the plasma weapon, and the recoil is extremely friendly, so it is often praised as the name of the king of the finals. The only slot point is the shorter range than the ordinary rifle, so before the finals, it is equipped with a It’s extremely important to have a long-range weapon. If you have an enemy 300 meters away when you hold Groza, trust me, don’t take this rifle and people! In addition, when Groza is in the close combat, he will definitely give a big surprise to impolite players. Whether it is close-to-face combat or middle-distance conflict, this gun can be used to the fullest extent possible with a rifle. I just want to say this, thank you guys for putting it in the air drop, don’t let it go, please!

After reading the above introduction , I believe that everyone’s understanding of Groza this assault rifle has risen to a level, as all the players want to get the masterpiece of artifact, Groza has all stages of the game player has a powerful performance on his head, then some people will want to know, Is the performance of such powerful weapons in reality so invincible? You do not have to rush to check out, because we will talk directly about the actual situation of this artifact in reality.

Groza is in reality and It’s not just an assault rifle, it’s the name of an integrated weapon system with an assault rifle + grenade launcher. Yes, you’re not mistaken. This artifact can be a grenade launcher, but it can be equipped with grenade In addition to the launcher, Groza can also be equipped with many ordinary rifle-equipped parts, and even equipped with the AK-74’s third-type bayonet can be described as full of tricks (but to be a grenade launcher, Groza has to replace the firing control module, It’s not what most people want to plug in.

The Groza assault rifle was designed since 1992 and was produced in 1994 (the generation should be considered small among all firearms.) ) Many people say that the weapon itself is an automatic rifle without a structure. The machine is obviously the style of AKM. In fact, Groza is a kind of AKM’s no-career type. (It’s shocking, this cargo is actually There is a relationship with AK, but this gap is not like a family.)

The Groza assault rifle was originally designed by the special forces of the Russian Ministry of the Interior. The main purpose is to hope that the gun can perform fast functions in the wild. Switching (such as equipped grenade launchers, cut into carbines or cut into the game assault rifle mode, and even can be cut into micro-acoustic assault rifles, it really is fighting weapons of national design, strong invincible).

See this, believe Everyone had a certain understanding of Groza’s drop shot artifact. But still, as the airdrop weapon, the risk is extremely high. If you want to obtain it, you will have to pay a price. Therefore, I have always been stabilizing, I will not go to life and dream. Instead, step on the yin, so be careful. On your dream track, maybe someone is holding you with 98K! And chase and cherish!