PUBG Mobile guide 556 bullet strongest rifle, AUG analysis of drop artifact

When it comes to air-dropping weapons, players are most welcome to talk about the AWM sniper rifle. As one of the most powerful artifacts in “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield,” it naturally has a lot of admirers. However, many players ignore other weapons such as airdrop weapons, such as Groza, AUG assault rifles. Let’s talk about AUG!

Firearm Analysis

AUG and M416, AKM are all assault rifles, and their basic attributes are good. Especially fast. It is comparable to the M416 automatic rifle, which is known for its attack speed, and it has more outstanding attributes in terms of stability.

AUG gun accessories support: gun, grip, clip, sight.

Muzzle support: rifle compensator, rifle flame arrester, rifle silencer

Grip support: vertical grip, right-angle grip

Clip support: rifle snap clip, rifle expansion clip, rifle quick expansion clip

Sight support: Red dot (holographic), double lens, quadruple lens, eight times

Bullet Model: 5.56mm

Clip capacity: 30 rounds, 40 rounds of expansion <123

Practical application

Can only be obtained by airdrop, naturally determining the rarity of AUG. Therefore, players who have the opportunity to pick up this gun must seize the opportunity. Because many advanced players will give up AUG because of their hands full of M416, although a missing accessory, but the basis of AUG is better than M416, even if it is full with M416 and AUG have a certain degree of stability Sex gap.

The main points affecting the AUG shooting attribute are the attachment of the grip and muzzle. Although the AUG has a small single-shot rear seat, due to its own fast shooting speed, the gun will generally have a muzzle lifting phenomenon after 20 bullets. Therefore, it is recommended to use the muzzle compensator and the vertical grip. It can significantly reduce the recoil caused by high-speed bullet ejection.

AUG’s main advantage lies in firearms The stability, with full accessories, if you are confident in your own level, it is recommended to use a quadruple lens for medium and long distance output. High-end players are not allowed to fire. In general, it is recommended to select the red spot (holographic), double lens and other low power mirrors to shoot the guns at close range. Spot shot alsoIt’s not impossible, but the advantage of firearms is stability and speed of fire. If it can’t use its advantages, what is the difference between using AUG and salted fish?

Compared to another air-to-gun firearm Groza, AUG stability and speed are unmatched. Especially in terms of gunshots, it has a huge advantage. But the power is after all a 5.56mm bullet, slightly lower than the 7.62mm bullet Groza. However, it should be noted that AUG’s bullet range is the lowest among automatic assault rifles, so it is not recommended that AUG be equipped with an oct.

AUG with singleton And automatic two modes, and the best stability in the 5.56 caliber rifle, always control is simple, easy to use, short-range and medium-range performance is extremely bright, full accessories are almost no regrets, the next time you see this Guns can never be thrown away because they do not know the goods!