PUBG Mobile guide Speed ​​battlefield, different weapon selection

A weapon with good performance allows the player to have good fighting power. The speed of the battlefield mode map is small and the resources are relatively concentrated. It is relatively easy for a player to pick up the weapon he wants in this mode. thing. The speed of the battlefield game mode is changeable, and each game has a recommended main weapon that is more powerful than the player.

I. High-level resource play

In this gameplay, the player can pick up any kind of resource, including items that the player can only find in an airdrop box on weekdays, and refresh every resource in the room. The probability increases exponentially. Many players will choose the M416 rifle as the main weapon in this gameplay. In most players’ perceptions, the full-fledged M416 is the best performing rifle in the rifle. Only from the data point of view, the M416 rifle with full accessories does suppress a lot of firearms, but it is not the best firearm for high-resource gameplay. The time left for the player to find resources at the start is not much. If the player spends a lot of time looking for accessories for the M416 rifle, he will lose the opportunity to seize the favorable terrain. In this model, the GROZA rifle is more suitable for use as a main weapon. This gun is equipped with a 7.62mm bullet. The damage is not weaker than the AKM rifle. It has a comparable rate of fire as a submachine gun. It is a positive surprise. Second choice.


Most players confuse all-arms gameplay with high-resource gameplay. Unlike the latter, all-arms gameplay Resource search is more difficult. The game still does not recommend players to choose M416 rifles, M16A4 is the only one can switch all three bursts of assault rifles in all rifles, although the damage is slightly worse, but the recoil is small, can be relatively fast in close combat The enemy’s speed to defeat the enemy, equipped with 4 times the mirror for the middle distance confrontation.

3. Melee gameplay

There are many melee weapons. From the outside, machetes and crowbars are good choices. In fact, pans are still the best choice. Official data show that the pan is the most injurious weapon in the melee weapon. Hit the head, you can directly knock down the level II helmet and the following full blood goal. With and a large area of ​​force, it is easier to hit the enemy. In this game, players can hold pans .

IV. Shotgun Play

There are three types of shotguns: S1897, S686, S12K, S1897 Slower and slower loading rate It is not practical. The S686 is a dual-barrelled shotgun. Although its power is amazing and its shooting speed is faster, it is more difficult to operate. It is more likely that the bullet will fall when shooting. Let’s take a look at the S12K shotgun, which is not as powerful as the first two types of firearms. However, it has a huge advantage of being able to recur. It can also be equipped with an expansion magazine. The player can’t seek high precision when moving shooting, and can’t count on one bullet to solve the enemy. Therefore, S12K is the best choice for gamers in the game of shotguns.

V. Pistol Play

There are four types of pistols in the pistols: P18C, P92, R1895, P1911, where the R1895 is the highest revolver gun damage, exquisite appearance, is a gun that players love to add. However, this slow gun speed is not suitable for use as a master weapon. The P92 this pistol has the advantage that other three pistols do not have—— magazine capacity is larger, it can be filled with 15 rounds of ammunition, the use of the advantage of the poor shot player to kill the enemy easily.

The entertainment mode is different from the classic mode, so the main The choice of weapons varies greatly. Faster game rhythms do not give the player too much time to think about it, and do not choose a weapon that depends on accessories. Once you have found a suitable weapon, you must rush to the right point in the safe area and ambush past enemies.