PUBG Mobile guide had to do without injury, it was so simple

Players all feel that the stimulating battlefield has been made very realistic and that even the weight of the bullets is doing so well, it is certainly true. But after all, it is a game, the game is not a new point, no innovation, how to attract players to pay it? Let’s talk about the exciting slots on the battlefield.


Jumping from the floor only hurts blood

This is also the most unscientific in many gun battle games, but it is the most easily accepted one. Situation. Usually it is to save time. Some houses that are not high are searched out. They simply choose to jump from the window. Anyway, it’s a bottle of drink. Too high certainly does not dare to jump. But science-savvy people certainly can’t sit still and jump from that low place. Normally, at least it’s a broken hand! But the character of the game is just like iron, landing on a cushioning action, and then standing up and drinking a bottle of drinks on the road. But even if you are in a hurry, don’t be too confident. You can’t jump like an elevated one. Even if your game character is made of gold, I don’t believe you will fall.


Toilet grenade without power

Everyone knows that you can rely on shelter to avoid the damage caused by grenades. This is also acceptable. The wall was not collapsed. It was barely comprehensible to see the games. But there is a kind of thunder to show off alone, that is the thunder that was thrown in the toilet, this kind of thunder, the person that met has surely thought to be dead, think this toilet water will splash on my body when It did not cause any harm to you at all. Why? Because the toilet is also considered a cover, throwing the thunder in the toilet, you only have to stand on the toilet will be killed, it is still a bit ridiculous, but encountered people really do not thank toilet? Oh no, don’t run the second thunder and it’s time to come. Look at the next one.

Invincible Level 4 Pan

When you get out of the gun, a sudden burst of bullets seems to hit the enemy and you don’t see the blood. You only hear “Dangdang” and crack the iron. When it sounds, you should respond: You hit the enemy’s pan that was used to protect Chrysanthemum. God, is this pot made of diamond or titanium alloy? Not only that, but there are pans and grenades (hand-speed players only). Of course, these are all small-probability events. The invincible pan has now become a symbolic prop for the game, giving players more joy.


Hitting an object without injury, getting out of the car

High game players all like to hit a character with a character by getting off the bus. Objects, such as walls or trees, to perform a wave of injury-free show, have to say it is really strong, but think about it, my God, why can not hurt? So fast off the train directly, really will not crash into a fool? No, it’s no surprise that you’re directly hitting a patties!


Science is not science or science, and the game is still very good. There is no GG to drop the window. This brings a lot of excitement to many, or else you searched a building and searched it out. Going back to the road, it’s not free.Did the egg hurt? The toilet Ray had nothing to say. It was a good example to save a man and save a man’s life. The toilet is a good example to save the wounded and wounded, but be careful to take out the gun and kill you directly; Get off the bus, how can you feel uncomfortable, but the big brothers used this skill to harvest a lot of fans.