PUBG Mobile guide pressure gun and the sights are so connected! Can not be ignored!

In the exciting battlefield of the PUBG Mobile, I believe that many players who have just started are faced with being swept away by opponents. They only need a few seconds to complete a cartridge bullet, and the density and accuracy of the bullets is awesome. This is a matter of gun pressure.

At the same time as the gun is being fired, the gun is pulled down according to the size of the recoil of the gun so that the sight of the gun is always kept at a small jumping range and horizontal line. On the other hand, the target was shot with dense bullets. Of course, this is without considering the sights. If you consider the sights, ?

crosshairs, aiming

crosshairs in the game The role is generally reflected in close combat, if you encounter with your opponent only need to target the target fire. The accuracy of medium-range and above use is extremely low, but in the case of close combat, the back seat is extremely small, and there is no pressure in the sweep and even the back seat can be ignored.

The aiming mechanism is generally used as a transition without a sighting device, and the degree of accuracy is greatly improved with respect to a crosshair. The medium-range combat capability is slightly stronger than that of a crosshair, but the small field of view is a mischief. It is easy to lose the target because of the gun back seat during the shooting. The gun is raised and obstructs the horizon.

Injector Difficulty: Crosshair 0, Machine Sight 3

Red Dot, Hologram

The red dot and hologram are initial combat artifacts. Compared with crosshairs and machine sightings, the red dot and holographic advantage lies in the quickness of opening the mirror, and it has a better visual field than the sighting after the opening, and the accuracy is higher.

Compared with the hologram, the red dot has a more open field of vision, and the hologram has a faster opening speed. The two individuals are more recommended red dot. After all, the mobile game operation does not require high opening speed, while the open view has more practical value. In addition, in the shot firing, because of the wide field of view of the lens, the pressure gun is less difficult, and the accuracy of the close shot is extremely high. However, the medium-range combat capability is poor.

Gun Difficulty: Red Dot 2, Holographic 2


The double-lens has a longer viewing distance than the red dot and hologram. Although the field of view is smaller after the mirror is opened, the near-point and middle-range in the lens are smaller. The enemy looks clearer, the human body is larger, and it is easier to shoot bullets. Compared with the previous four shots, the double lens has a higher near-point combat capability, and the shot needs to be pulled down to a certain extent but not to a large extent. The accuracy of the process is high and the medium range is poor.

Pressure Gun Difficulty: Twofold Mirror 2.5

Fourfold Mirror

The quadruple lens is basically not used for combat because the line of sight is farther away and the range is smaller. It’s hard to suppress. Generally used for medium-range fire. However, due to distance problems, even a slight shake of the gun’s mouth can cause a large deviation of the bullet. And the need for a greater degree of pull-down muzzle during the firing, otherwise the sight is likely to be directly “God.” Unless used with a full M416 (Muzzle compensator, grip, magazine, butt), AKM can basically rule out.

Pressure Gun Difficulty: Fourfold Mirror 4

Eightfold Mirror

Eightfold Mirror is the highest magnification sight in the game. Generally used for long-range operations. If facing the short-range moving target standard starBasically unable to keep up with enemy movement speeds. If you use the full match M416 medium-range reluctance to complete the fire, but the bullet scattering surface is larger, the fire trajectory and the medium-range shotgun similar to the equivalent of “human stroke”. However, it is necessary to drastically pull down the muzzle and it is very easy to cause confusion in the battle. It is recommended to shoot.

Pressure Gun Difficulty: Eightfold Mirror 5

In summary, we should be able to understand the actual combat of everyone in the game. The double and the red dot should be the best partners for the swept gun. Four times the most difficult to shoot, but as long as the tip of the gun in place, you can also complete a more accurate medium-range fire. Eightfold Mirror …… will not consider it!