PUBG Mobile guide Four-row advanced game to teach you to advance to the finals

As players’ game time grows and the ranks continue to climb, the rate of eating chickens gradually decreases. Because we no longer encounter those new opponents, even the number of robots will be greatly reduced. Instead, they are opponents who are equal or far better than themselves. So how do you stand out among these opponents who are not weaker than yourself? ? Today we talked about how the four platoons will advance into the finals in the thrilling battlefield.

When the player reaches the platinum level and reaches platinum, the opponents basically encountered are harder to deal with. Character. Eating chicken at this time depends not only on technology, but also on the ingredients of luck. However, if we can reasonably operate the team and cooperate with teammates, it is also possible to obtain the top ten points in a larger degree.

Selection of a foothold

To ensure that it does not fall into a box, first establish Is there a teammate with good marksmanship in the team? If it is determined that there are at least two people who are good at steel guns, then they can choose to have more large-scale resources such as military bases and schools. If not, then it is necessary to consider the teammates’ gameplay and resource collection. It is recommended to choose a relatively small resource area like the farm M . It is not recommended to play wild because it is difficult for four-person equipment to get together.

Equipment Collection

There is also a need for a more uniform search when searching for materials. Avoiding each search, otherwise it may lead to too far away from teammates, unable to timely support or repeat searches for houses searched by teammates. You can choose teammates to search from one direction to the other, search side by side, without delaying each building, while providing timely support and mutual assistance. Teammates who are knocked down by teammates can be more quickly supported.

Running circle

Running a circle is not a simple circle. You can quickly search for small houses with the help of vehicles. At the same time, you can ensure that the entire area is located on the edge of the donut. Although the individual small houses on the map are not rich in resources, they are safer. You can ensure that there are no enemies at the rear and avoid being opponents. Touch the ass.


When the finals are brushed out, don’t rush forward. The first is the analysis of the location within the circle, the distribution of the house, and the distribution of the topography.

If you are in a safe area, such as a wheat field, that has no buildings, you need to pay attention to the denseness of the surrounding vegetation. Do not enter a double circle. The small turret will become the target of public criticism. At this time, there have been crippling crises around, and not saying that throwing a grenade by your opponent, even if you can jump through the window to escape, is undoubtedly equal to committing suicide because many eyes are watching the building you and your teammates are waiting for. Because it is recommended to choose vegetation more flourishing area.

In the mountainous region, you need to select the poisonous edge of the Highlands for the card slot, giving priority to the closest position of the two laps. The enemy has the lowest probability behind him. In addition there must be a bunker around. The most important thing is that teammates should not stay at one point and try to keep a distance of ten to twenty meters. In this way, you can notice more movements around you, and grab lines from different directions at the same time, so that your opponent’s attention cannot be focused on a certain degree, which can hamper opponents to the greatest extent.

Finally, Volt notices that if you open the gun, you should change the position immediately unless the opponent is far away. Otherwise, don’t blame the grenades. Remind you oh !