PUBG Mobile guide VSS so powerful gun, you guys do not worry?

Stimulating the battlefield is a game that looks very much at the face of things. Sometimes it falls to the top of the third level and the third level is full. M416 Rich Get oiled, and sometimes found a complete prison, two pairs of jets out even a car without a lap.

If the face is good, the sister will sometimes fall to the ground. Guns, or hit the finals only holographic mirror.


You are already the third sniper rifle silencer you saw. Can you give me a sister first? what?

Sometimes it’s hard to get a Kar98K There is no red dot. Holding the sight 98K The sister almost thought that she had passed back to World War II era.


But there is a gun, unlike Mini14 . Unlike SKS eating accessories. It is born with its own accessories that can be used in a single point and can kill invisible:


This sister’s favorite The gun is a person throwing VSS !


When equipped with the 4 mirror, the mother no longer has to worry about my accessories. Unless there is MK14 , seeing this gun sister is a must.



If you can skillfully use the 4 lens and pressure gun, VSS Whether it is single-point mode or fully automatic mode is a good hand.

If the only drawback of VSS is that this gun is as small as Kar98k and teammates are never blind. Therefore, when the game starts, the elder sister will tell the elder brother and sister that they have picked up VSS Don’t throw it, leave it to the elder sister! Did you not try such a powerful gun?