Drive and Park Guide newest

Introduction to Drive and Park:
1) Side parking is a must-have skill for the driver. However, there are not many people who can drift in the downtown area. You only need to press and start to drift, turn around, release the brakes, and then you can stop the car in the empty parking space. .

2) Pressing too early will press the line too late and the line will be too early to stop. Anyway, there will be a cute police uncle to tell you that the game over is too late, a little to the road. There is less money on the teeth.

Drive and Park怎么玩 停车达人玩法介绍

3) Then there is the non-stop parking to earn money to buy a car. The core of this mobile game is to test the player’s reaction ability, choose the right time to let go, let the car properly drift to the designated parking space, will have the opportunity to double the points. Rewards, even for ordinary performance, can also earn points that successfully pass the level.

3) In order to highlight the authenticity, collisions, rollovers, etc. that may occur during the drift process may occur.

A car with a higher drift base scores higher scores under the same performance, making it easier and easier to pass the level.

Summary: Long press to start drifting, turning around, and releasing the brakes is a trick. Real operating systems and scenarios greatly enhance the difficulty of fingertip games.

The above is the gameplay of Drive and Park, I hope to help everyone.