“Rise of Kingdoms” how about Roman civilization Roman civilization introduced -Rise of Kingdoms Guide

guide read nations awakening Roman civilization is a game which is, in the end how about this, really easy to use it? Let’s understand the next! Rome civilized nations awakening introduce civilization attributes 🙁 infantry defense increased by 5%) (5% faster troops march) (food gathering speed increased by 10%) civilization starter system …

nations awakening among the Roma game a civilization, this in the end how, really easy to use it? Let’s understand the next!

nations awakening Roman civilization introduced

civilization property: (infantry defense increased by 5%) (troops marching speed increase of 5%) (food acquisition speed increased by 10%)

civilization starting commander: Xi Pie (commonly known as: melon Pierces)

Features arms: Roman infantry [123 ]

would have to mention when it comes to Roman infantry, infantry aka: [team battles stir feces stick – Terminator] cavalry regiment in battle there is always live the infantry that long, and most of the meat. With a little better infantry commander to kill him a seven into seven is not much of a problem, and you either cavalry bells and whistles that I dare not touch (unless you are iron baby) If you like infantry that your first choice is Rome.

First Infantry to what? Meat! Civilized infantry defense bonus plus 5% will make you more on your flatness into a building, greatly enhance the group inventories of war. Second infantry had to understand the shortcomings, too slow you much that you can not hit the duck who is useless, sometimes the cavalry stroll really do not take my gas, but if you have chosen Rome it not the same, 5% moving speed bonusPlus a Charlie Matt, then the speed will be a qualitative prompt even catch up with the cavalry but they still do not pay attention or have a little chance of being hit, the so-called precious in war, whether to support or to reach the battle site are useful very large, remember do not let children lose at the starting line.

Finally, a bonus food gathering speed bonus of 5% is also very useful, infantry fighting requires a lot of food, you are no worse treatment material that is of no use, in short, want to play your first infantry Rome a choice.

Now this number playing two months, nearly six million fighting force did not charge a penny, to be honest this game is to see the face, even if the area is well into the Ye Hao small alliance survival, bad luck early on was hit autism, playing before a number to twenty million Arabs combat forces are ringing off the hook, for a variety of Chinese.