Township -How do I get more coins? – [English]

How do I get more coins?

1. Enter the game every day to receive coins as daily bonuses.
2. Fill townspeople’s orders at the helicopter pad.
3. Explore the mine. You can find coins hidden there in earth tiles or treasure chests.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win coins as prizes.
5. Load and send airplanes. You’ll receive coins for every loaded crate as well as for fully loaded cargo holds.
6. Open chests with gifts from your friends. Some of them may contain coins.
7. Help your friends in their towns. Every product you give them earns you a few coins.
8. Melt down ingots at the Mint to make coins.
9. Sell items and building materials you don’t need right from the Barn.
10. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get coins as rewards for strong finishes.
11. Buy coins at the in-game store as an in-app purchase.