Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – What is Families?

Families is a social feature that will allow players to join and create new groups of players! In your family you can chat amongst each other and help fellow family members claim rewards! You can group yourself by:Actual family membersInterests or hobbiesAlready-existing friend groups within the gameMany other options!Each Family will have a Leader who can manage members, change a family’s type, and change a family’s emblem. Each Family can only have one leader but as many Co-leaders as they want.Families can have a membership type of either Private or Public. If a leader wants to moderate who joins their group, the leader can make it private so that new members are invite-only. Invites are approved by Leaders and Co-leaders. Additionally, Leaders have the exclusive ability to edit theFamily Name, Description, Emblem and Type.Please note: – Players need to be at least level 10 to use Families.


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