Yahtzee With Buddies Guide – How Does League Demotion Work?

Starting with the Cafe League, players can be demoted to a lower league if they do not earn the minimum amount of Trophy Points during the League Period. This point threshold is between 400 and 2,000 points depending on the league:The Trophy Minimums for each league are as follows:Garden League: 0Pond League: 0Campsite League: 0Cafe League: 400Beach League: 500Theatre League: 600Penthouse League: 800Gameshow League: 1200 Palace League: 1600 Yacht League: 2000Candy Shop League: 2000Art Gallery League: 4000Drive In League: 4000Amusement Park League: 4000 Jungle League: 5000 

NOTE: These minimums may be subject to change at any time. As a result, this list may not always be up to date.


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