Mahjong City Tours Guide – The Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank was introduced as a more cost-effective means for players to acquire Coins, in comparison to some of the Coin packages available directly from the in-game Shop. When full, the Piggy Bank grants more Coins than similarly-priced Shop packages. The Coins saved in the Piggy bank from gameplay are additional to the normal rewards given, and do not diminish these in any way. However, it is not mandatory to purchase the Piggy Bank’s contents in order to progress through the game, nor do the Coins disappear if not purchased.To open the Piggy Bank and receive its contents, simply select the Piggy Bank on the Map or in the Shop, and make the purchase through your App Store. Please note, this can only be done when the Piggy Bank is holding 250 Coins or more.When the Piggy Bank is full, it can also be ‘shaken’ to receive a smaller number of Coins, by watching a video ad. This will empty the Piggy bank, which can then be refilled through gameplay.


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