[Mobile Legends] -Rule of Squad – [English]

Rule of Squad

1. Players can choose to create or join asquad. The creator will become the leader.

2. A squad can contain 9 members at most.Squad members usually should be intimate and tacit.

3. The leader can set up the recruitmentrequirements. Only players who meet those requirements have authority to sendapplications.

4. It requires confirmation from both theleader and the player to join in the squad.

5. Squad members can play games togetherand chat in the squad channel.

6. The rank divisions and gaming behaviorsof squad members will affect squad’s activeness and power. It will enhancesquad activeness when two or more members play Match Up Mode, Ranked Game orBrawl Mode together. And that 5 members together play over 20 Ranked Games willincrease squad’s Power. Squad activeness resets weekly while the power alsowill reset in every new season, and according to those two stats, the systemwill give corresponding rewards to members.

7. Players can quit the squad if they wantto but they cannot join another squad within next 24 hours.

8. The leader can remove inactive members,up to 3 per week. The players removed by the leader are free from thelimitation of 24-hour cooldown.

9. When the leader leaves the squad,leadership will be transferred to the most active member.

10. The squad will dismiss completely whenthe last member leaves.

11. There will be optimization andadjustment for the Squad feature. Please stay tuned.