[Mobile Legends] -Activeness Calculation and Rewards Sending Rules – [English]

Activeness Calculation and Rewards Sending Rules

1. Member’s individual activeness iscalculated when teaming up with other members of the squad and playing matchesaccording to such factors as the number of members in the premade team, gamemodes, victory or defeat and etc.

2. Squad activeness is the sum of allmembers’ individual activeness points.

3. There are three tiers of rewards dividedaccording to squad activeness. All members of the squad enjoy the same tier ofrewards and each can only claim the reward of this tier once at most. Rewardsin different tiers don’t stack up.

4. Squad members need to have an individualactiveness higher than 300 to be entitled to claim the reward.

5. Activeness rewards will be settled onevery Monday (server time) and sent to members by in-game mails. Meantime,Activeness points of that week will reset too.