[Mobile Legends] -About Clint – [English]

About Clint

Role: MarksmanSpecialty: Reap  
Defense 3Attack 9Ability 6Difficulty 3

Two-Fisted (Passive): Basic attacks will deal damage twice, dealing 45% physical damage each time. After Clint’s gun deals 6 hits of damage, the next attack will deal 4%-8% of the target’s max HP as true damage.

Combo Shot (Skill 1): Fires 8 shots in a row, each shot dealing 55 physical damage.  
Tuck n’ Roll (Skill 2): Rolls forward, throwing a trip rope at a nearby enemy, dealing 180 physical damage and slowing down the target. Basic attacks will reduce cooldown for this ability. 

Deadly Bloom (Skill 3): Initiates Crazed Gunman mode, dealing 200 physical damage every 0.5s to enemies in the area. Lasts 3s. 

Skill Build: ULT>Skill 1>Skill 2