[Mobile Legends] -About Balmond – [English]

About Balmond

Role: Fighter

Specialty: Crowd Control/Regen

Defense 8Attack 7Ability 4

Difficulty 3

Bloodthirst (Passive): Regens 4% of max HP each time he kills a minion. Regens 10% of max HP each time he kills a hero. 
Soul Lock (Skill 1): Charges up to an enemy and deals 180 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. 
Cyclone Sweep (Skill 2): Rapidly swings axe at enemies in the area, dealing 80 pts of physical damage with each attack.Lethal Counter (Ultimate): Raises a giant axe, dealing 400 pts plus 30% of target’s missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed by 30%, lasting 2s. 

Skill Build: Ultimate>Skill 2>Skill 1