[Mobile Legends] -About Akai – [English]

About Akai

Role: Tank
Specialty: Charge/Crowd Control

Defense 9 Attack 6Ability 5

Difficulty 4

Brute Force (Passive): Adds 3% of max HP to physical attack.

Thousand Pounder (Skill 1): Jump into the target area, dealing 175 physical damage to enemies when landing and a 30% slow down effect. For the next 3s, the following basic attacks will deal an extra 50% physical damage.

Guardian (Skill 2): Deals 150 plus 15% of own missing HP as physical damage to enemies in the area. Also equips self with a shield that can block up to 360 damage and lasts 4s.

Meat Tank (Ultimate): Becomes a ball in 5s and starts the attack. Each hit will knock back the target and deal 50 magic damage. The damage will decrease by 10% every time you hit a single target for the 2nd time.

Skill Build: Ultimate>Skill 1>Skill 2