[Mobile Legends] -About Bane – [English]

About Bane

Role: Fighter
Specialty: Push

Defense 8Attack 6Ability 5

Difficulty 6

Shark Bite (Passive): Every 6 seconds, his weapon is infused with the power of the tides, and his next basic attack will increase in damage 60%~105% (affected by level) and deal splash damage to nearby enemies.

Crab Claw Cannon (Skill 1): Fires at specified target, dealing 350 pts of physical damage. Enemies near the target will receive 50%splash damage. Targets damaged will have movement speed reduced 30% for 2 seconds.

Rum (Skill 2): Pulls out his beloved rum and shares with his teammates. Allied heroes near the rum will regen up to 500 pts of health.

Air Assault (Ultimate): Summons a battleship to barrage the enemy from above. Attacks 2 enemies each time, dealing 160 pts of physical damage. Deals 30% damage to defense turrets.

Skill Build: Ultimate>Skill 1>Skill 2