[Mobile Legends] -About Lolita – [English]

About Lolita

Role: Support

Specialty: Crowd Control/Push

Defense 8

Attack 5

Ability 7

Difficulty 5

Noumenon Energy Core (Passive): The Noumenon energy core under normal circumstances will slowly store up energy and provide shields to Lolita’s allies. Every so often, Lolita’s allies can come close to Lolita and get a shield.

Energy Rocket (Skill 1): Casts an energy rocket which will regen energy when it hits an enemy hero and deal 220 magic damage, also causing the enemy to slow down 50% for 105s. At the same time it immediately resets ability cooldown. If the 2nd cast hits the enemy while in the slow down period, it will cause a stun.

Protective Shield (Skill 2): Raises a shield which blocks all ranged projectiles flying towards the shield.

Noumenon Blast (Skill 3): After powering up for 2s, it will deal 380 to 1026 magic damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero according to current energy amount. While gathering power, the Noumenon energy will make the hero immune to damage, but enemy hero attacks will reduce the amount of energy. If total energy drops to 0, it will not do any damage, but it will return half of energy and cooldown time. During the power-up period, movement speed for enemies in the attack range will drop 75%.

Skill Build: ULT>Skill 1>Skill 2