[Mobile Legends] -I have not received an item that I bought. What should I do? – [English]

I have not received an item that I bought. What should I do?

When a purchase goes through, you will receive a purchase successful notice. If you have not received this notice, maybe your purchase has failed due to a connection issue.

Sometimes, the servers are busy, and your purchase icon is grayed out. If the purchase icon in your game is gray, you should:

– Examine if you are logged into a payment account – Wait and try again later; the server may be too busy to handle your purchase order

– Update your game to the newest version – If the problem persists, please examine your payment account, whether you have set a valid payment method.

– If you are using a credit card, examine whether your card has restrictions on application payments or online payments.

If the purchase amount was deducted from your method of payment, but you still can’t get them after 12 hours, please contact us and send us the payment order number that google or itunes sent you(check your mail). It should resemble GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX or HMXXXXXXXXX we will check it and send you the package once we have verified it.