Empires & Allies – Warlord League Event FAQ

What is the Warlord League Event?Warlord League is a one -time seasonal leaderboard event for players at 6200 medals or more. For the player eligible, the Supreme Commander league is replaced with the Warlord League event for a week; 6 days and 8 hours to be precise.In the Warlord League event, players compete for the highest position on the leaderboard by earning the highest total amount of Omega XP before the event ends.How can I participate in the Warlord League event?Only players with 6200 medals or more and are at HQ 8 and above before the event has started are eligible to participate in the Warlord League event.For the player eligible, during the event week, they will be participating in the Warlord League event and not in the supreme commander league. Players earning the requirement after the event has started will not be eligible for the leaderboard for that week and will participate in their respective medal league instead.How long exactly will the Warlord League event last?The warlord league event will last for the same time as medal league i.e. 6 days and 8 hours.What happens when the Warlord League Event is over?When the Warlord League event is over, the medal leagues will resume normally and all players who participated in the Warlord League event will be back in the Supreme Commander League.How do I access the leaderboard?Tap on the Leagues icon on the main UI to access the leaderboard.How does the leaderboard work?In the Warlord League leaderboard, the player’s score is represented by the amount of Omega XP earned.The player’s leaderboard score will advance based on the amount of Omega XP earned at the end of a battle in Quick Matches or Operation Hammerfall.The leaderboards rankings are based on the amount of total Omega XP earned from Quick Matches and Operation Hammerfall by the player during that week.Does Omega XP earned in any game mode count towards my leaderboard score?NO. Only Omega XP earned in Quick Matches and Hammerfall counts towards your Warlord League Leaderboard score.Does Omega XP earned by any Omega Unit count towards my leaderboard score?Yes, earning Omega XP from any Omega unit, regardless if it’s an MK1 or an MK2 Omega unit, will count towards leaderboards.Does the Double XP Omega boost and Insta XP boost affect my leaderboard score?Yes, any Omega XP boost will contribute towards your leaderboard score.For a Double XP Omega boost, the multiplied amount of Omega XP at the end of the battle will be added to your leaderboard score.For Insta XP boost, the amount of Omega XP awarded by the boost will be added to your leaderboard score instantly.What are the boosts I can buy in the League Event?Players can buy the Double XP Omega boost directly for the feature UI.Additionally, Double XP Omega Boost can also be bought from the Quick Matches’ Scout screen.Does Omega XP earned in defense or retaliation battles count towards my leaderboard?NO, Omega XP earned in defense battles and retaliation battles do not count towards your leaderboard score.What are the rewards that the player can win in the Warlord League Event?Based on the player’s rank at the end of the leaderboard event, players can receive the following rewards:

  • Gold
  • Elite Cache
  • Gold Crate
  • League Flag
  • Resources – Supply, Fuel, Steel, and Tech

To view what the player will be receiving based on their rank, tap on the “reward” banner.


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