Juice Jam Guide – How can I earn Items?

There are currently several ways to earn items in Juice Jam:

  • Daily Login Bonus: Players should come back each day for a daily bonus and a chance to spin the prize wheel!
  • Send/Receive Lives through Facebook: One of the MAJOR benefits of connecting to Facebook is the ability to send and receive free lives with your Facebook friends. Never run out of lives again!
  • Events: Every day there is AT LEAST one event going on in Juice Jam. Those events always come with prizes the player can earn for completing goals and challenges. Check in with Juice Jam EVERY DAY to see what new events are going on. Did you know there are even ways to earn new Juice Trucks you can use to travel around the map?
  • Win Streak: Juice Jam recently added a win streak feature that not only rewards consecutive victories on levels, but provides some pretty awesome milestone bonuses for folks in the business of winning

Being a regular Juice Jam player very specifically DOES reward you with coins, lives, and boosters! 


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