Juice Jam Guide – I need help with a level

If you’re having a hard time on a level, look up a Youtube tutorial for that level! You may be able to find new ways of beating levels, or learn a few tips and tricks along the way.All our levels can be completed without purchasing lives, coins or boosters. Our developers only release levels after they personally ensure that levels are beatable without the use of purchases. Boosters and coins can give you the extra edge you need to finish a level, but they are entirely optional and are not needed in order to pass any of our levels. The majority of Juice Jam players play (and beat!) levels without making any purchases. Try and make power ups (4-5 in a row, or combining fruits in different ways) to clear hard levels. Combining power ups will also create a new effect that can sometimes clear almost an entire board!If you’re having trouble with an obstacle, visit our FAQ section obstacles! 


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