Juice Jam Guide – Obstacles

Bees and Honey Match bees together to create honey squares! Fruits that are cleared on honey squares will also remove the honey!  Muffins Match fruits next to muffins in order to serve them! In later levels, muffins will sometimes come with additional toppings, so you may have to match fruit next to them additional times to remove them fully! Popsicles Popsicles are hidden under the ice! Make matches over ice in order to reveal the popsicles. Ice will sometimes come in multiple layers.  Crackers Make matches over crackers to remove the crackers! Crackers will sometimes come in multiple layers. Cows and Milk Make matches next to cows to produce milk! Nets Make a match with a fruit in a net to remove the net! Fruits in nets can’t be moved until the net is cleared.   Fruit Bushes Make three matches next to a bush to release fruits onto the map. Coconuts Match three coconuts to create a coconut drink, then match three coconut drinks to serve the customer! Ice Cubes Match fruits next to ice cubes. Whatever fruits you matched next to the Ice Cubes will turn the Ice Cubes into that fruit!  JamRemove jam tiles by matching 3 or more fruits next to them.  For each turn you do not make a match next to the jam, it will spread onto more fruits.  Watermelon PlateMatch 3 or more pieces next to the watermelon plates to remove a watermelon piece on each turn.  Once you clear the last piece, the plate will disappear opening up the space for fruits to drop into. You will need to match the same number of turns for the number of pieces you see on the plate.  Fruit PieMake matches next to a fruit pie to fill it with fruit. If you make (for example), an orange match next to a pie, a portion of the pie will fill in with oranges! Make all the matches possible to complete the pie and get a juicy reward! Color Changer After every move, fruits that fall onto the color changer will change into a fruit matching that colored tile. Chocolate DoublerMake a match on top of the chocolate doubler to gain double the amount of points for that particular match. Dragon Fruit Match Dragon Fruit before its timer hits "0", or it will disappear! Celery Wall Celery Stalks prevent swapping, but matches can still be formed through them. SplashersWhen you match next to Splashers, they pop and transform fruit in the four corners from where they popped.


Juice Jam GUIDE