Heroes Evolved : Cao Cao Skill and Item Build Guide – Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tips

Cao Cao is a melee, pusher and carry that can do Tornado Blade, Glorious Sword, Sword Dance and Undying Heroism.

Skill Build

Tornado Blade (Q) – Causes a bladestorm around Cao Cao for 5 seconds, rendering him immunity to spells and dealing magical damage to nearby enemy units. Mana Cost: 110 / Cooldown: 25 seconds / Radius: 450 / Damage per second: 90/110/130/150.

Glorious Sword – Wields the sword in a target direction, slowing and dealing magical damage to enemies. Enemies take double damage if facing the blade. If the blade hits on the rear however, movement slowdown effect is doubled. Mana cost: 100 / Cooldown: 10 second / Radius: 100 / Damage: 90/110/130/150 / Movement slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%.

Sword Dance – Gives Cao Cao a chance to deal critical damage each attack. Deals 200% critical damage when health is between 51%-100% / Deals 250% critical damage when health is between 26% to 50%. Deals 300% critical damage when health is between 1% to 25%. Critical chance: 15%/20%/25%/30%.

Undying Heroism (R) – Enters a state of invincibility. Under Undying Heroism, each attack grants 1 stack of Heroic Strength. When the state ends, Cao Cao’s health is based on the stacks of Heroic Strength. Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds / Heal per stack: 20/30/40 / Duration: 4/5/6 seconds.