Matchington Mansion – Season Events

During Season events you will earn points for completing levels. The amount of points you earn is based on the level difficulty and how many attempts you took to complete it. Completing a hard level on the first try will award you with lots of points!Earning points will help you rank up to the next stage. Reaching the next stage will reward you with Boosters and Coins!A Wonder Ticket can also be purchased so you get even more goodies at each stage, and the chance to get exclusive furniture and a new pet!Please note:1. Season events are open to players who have passed level 30 or higher, and have completed the "New Mailbox" task.2.This event isn’t available on devices that don’t meet the minimum requirements. 3. You must be connected to the internet to play this event.4. All players will receive basic rewards, but purchasing a Wonder Ticket makes you eligible to receive extra rewards.


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