Matchington Mansion – Wonder Ticket

The Wonder Ticket is a special offer that gives those who buy it access to great bonuses during the Season. Here is what the Wonder Ticket gets you:1. Earn additional Boosters and Coins at each stage of the Season.2. Chance to get special Season themed furniture and an exclusive new pet!3. Three privileges during the event: the maximum number of lives is increased from five to eight; more Coins for beating a level; a golden avatar picture frame and golden name.These privileges will take effect immediately after purchasing the Wonder Ticket. Your Team will receive a message about your purchase of a Wonder Ticket in the Team chat, and your teammates will also receive some Coins.Please note:1. The Wonder Ticket is only available during Season events.2. The Wonder Ticket and the privileges given are only valid for one Season.3. Once the Season ends, any privileges or rewards that you have not received will expire!


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